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But with bubbles!

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Like an old-style bulletin board

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It's open source

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It brings people together

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This is a Bubbleboard

Wikiwonga is a simple, free, open-source way to connect with your local community the way people used to on old-style bulletin boards. Unlike modern social media, we don't track you, analyse you, keep your data indefinitely, hussle to sell you stuff, or make it hard for you to contact people directly so we can boost traffic through our site. In fact, we're quite the opposite. We're set up to help you decentralize into autonomous, self-organizing communities engaged in activities appropriate to your local environment and customs. We want you out there in the real world (hopefully growing and sharing real food, caring for others, enjoying the magnificence of nature), not languishing in an increasingly depressed virtual world trapped by an ecocidal system. We want you having the kinds of real face-to-face interactions proven to boost human happiness and fulfillment.

Welcome to our community. Please enter in a spirit of love and fellowship. We hold these truths to be self evident: That everyone has something to offer and everyone has needs. That our guiding principles are honesty, tolerance & charity. That the world isn't fixed so we should always strive to be flexible. That being strong means looking after the soil and the family that nourishes us. And that whatever our skills, and whoever we are, we're all in this TOGETHER.

Modern science knows a lot about what makes us happy. Unfortunately we don't make much use of our knowledge. Too often happiness gets pushed into distant second place by our society's great fixation on money. At Wikiwonga happiness comes first. When we set out to create Wikiwonga, we said to ourselves: let's see what happens if we take everything we know about human happiness and use it to design a website dedicated to fostering creativity, collaboration and community. We're very happy with what we've come up with.

Hello Guanajuato... We recently got back to Mexico after six months away. A few days later we were in the vegetable market in the Cerro del Cuarto when we looked across the plaza and realized that something had changed in our absence. Someone had come and torn down the old steel bulletin board that used to stand there! Just its crudely severed legs were left sticking out of the paving stones. ...Anyway, we've now set up a Guanajuato bubbleboard to replace it and hope some of you find a use for it.

The colored ring around a bubble communicates one of five things: Gold is someone who's looking for something you might have Blue is something someone is offering Brown is a trade proposal Green is a gift Pink is something different altogether

Here are some of the questions answered on our FAQ page: 1. How can I set up a new bubbleboard in my neighborhood or village? 2. Can I set up a local version of Wikiwonga and host it myself? 3. Why do I sometimes get a fail notice when I upload a photograph? 4. Why can't I blow a bubble onto a bubbleboard? 5. If I do a trade with someone, can it involve money? 6. How private is my sub:bubbleboard? 7. If I pay to have extra bubbles, who gets that money and what does it go towards? 8. If someone posts a bubble on a board that's completely off-topic or offensive, what do I do about it?

Wikiwonga welcomes romance and rejoices in courtship. But overtly sexual content is inappropriate on our bubbleboards. Please be respectful. Lots of children are running around this site.

If you find Wikiwonga a little slower than you're used to, that's because it's a local, decentralized service that depends on one little server, maybe a long way away, to organize everything you do here. So be patient. It'll get to you in the end. And it'll spend a lot less energy than Google or Facebook along the way.

We're here to help you get started. So if you think you have an end-use for a bubbleboard in your town or area, get in touch and we'll help you set it up. But know in advance that we're not offering to let you clutter up our space forever with your data. At some point we'll suggest that you get some gifted 16 year-old in your family or community to help you figure out how to host this site on your own server. We've designed it so it's easy to clone, adapt and relocate. And if a bubbleboard you set up becomes popular, we've provided a mechanism for you to generate an income stream to cover some or all of your costs. Contact us at:

To get started you first need to register (name, username, password and a quick email back-and-forth). Then go to your "My Profile" page and upload a profile picture (for a better profile, 5 other photos as well) and let people know where they can find you - a phone number, an email address, a place where you hang out at certain times, your business address, whatever. Then decide on the bubbleboard where you want to offer something, or trying finding something, and go to your "My Bubbles" page and follow the instructions on how to blow your first bubble.